‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take’ – Wayne Gretzky

Well hello!! Finally got round to writing another blog! My plan of writing one-a-month hasn’t transpired and it got pushed to the bottom of the pile. As I write I am in sunny Spain enjoying a well earned break after a long and tiresome June.


June comprised of not only working for myself for Squiffy Print, but I also managed to knock out some impressive hours for a friend too as her business at Bespoke & Oak Co. gets very crazy over the Father’s Day period. In between that I also managed to fit in two weeks of house sitting (horses, dogs, chickens, cats and something they brought in dead daily); all in all June has sped by and I am now business planning for Q3 (July-September) and developing new products for Christmas.

I’ve managed to slow down from my normal 100mph and evaluate some recent workshops I had attended at Burnley Business Week (oh yeah, did that in June too!) which have helped my with my book keeping, strategic marketing (www.edenmarketing.co.uk) and also given a totally new and refreshed spin on social media (+24 Marketing).

It was actually here in this place in Spain two years ago (almost to the day) the idea of Squiffy Print was conceived and for the first 18 months I also worked full time hours around my printing for the safety net of a salary. I now still work two days for Bespoke & Oak Co. and as my printing gets busier its both scary and exciting stuff! The path I started off on is not the path I am on now and I never in a million years dreamed I would come up with products funky enough to sell on one of UK’s biggest e-commerce websites notonthehightreet.com.


When launching a new venture you sign yourself up to long days and sleepless nights and have to sacrifice (some) of the partying and going out with friends. Close friends who understand are worth holding onto and there is a need to surround yourself with people that believe in you and your vision. My priorities have changed; now my venture is nearing 2 years old (most businesses fail by this point) I feel I need to push forward with product development and getting these products to market.

I’ve created my own job to satisfy my creative needs and I’ve realised I’m not a ‘jack of all trades and master of none’ I merely have a set of skills and passion that is not just an isolated skill set. A ‘smart creative’ as Google’s Schmidt and Rosenberg would have branded me, I have had a lot of different jobs, get bored easily when not challenged and get annoyed when my views are overlooked when I wasn’t the highest paid person in the room.

This may quite possibly be my last long blog like this: who has time to read this stuff anyway?! I sure as hell don’t have time to write them! Haha – maybe once a year when I’m in Spain!!!! The marketing and social media talks and workshops have made me realise there are other ways of communicating my brand and products……watch this space……..!!!!!!

Current read: ‘How Google Works’ by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg. More to do with the creative environment they had to adapt to and nurture in order to grown the business to where it is now. A massively inspiration read for myself and would recommend to anyone that works in e-commerce.

Current inspo: HOLIDAYS! Give yourself time to unwind and see new ideas flow!

Current listening: Years & Years. Love love!

Miles run this week: Only 3 but I swam everyday on holiday! My front-crawl has come on a treat and think I may be ready for some proper training for a triathalon…… 😀


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