Imitation Is The Highest Form Of Flattery

Where do you draw the ‘copying’ line? How do you get inspiration? Is inspiration a form of copying?

As I sit here, working on my own, no co-workers, I don’t employ anyone, I have no one to bounce creative ideas off, I try to come up with new and funky ideas for products. The creative-printing side of my business is basically a funky solution to gifting: need a present for someone but stuck for inspiration? My creative products provide a solution to your problem whilst also offering add-ons of extra personalisation to add that special touch.

A few months ago I started designing aprons. Everyone can find room in their life for a personalised apron, also from a business point of view, they come in one generic adult size so are easy and simple to stock up on too. Now then, I am quite an organised person, I am already designing my Halloween & Valentines products (all my christmas ones are done and dusted) so when I’ve sat for hours and hours and come up with a genuine design/product thatΒ I have tweaked to find someone else hasΒ magically come up with something similar in either design or colour/wording, it gets my goat. And I don’t even have a goat. This has happened recently.



HOWEVER! I’m going to take this one. The fact that I’ve actually designed something that someone wants to imitate. Me. Little old me that sits going slightly ga-ga on her own staring at a computer day in day out or printing in my little room. I’ve taken to walking to the next village post office just to get some exercise and get out of the house (and a farmers tan).

This had spurred me on no-end to continue designing and developing newer and more fantastic products. I’m using the pissed-off energy and turning it into I-can-do-one-better-than-than-energy. Cue new fantastic products very soon (also cue the cheap imitations!) πŸ˜‰

Have you seen the new TV advert? Watch it here! Squiffy Print: now AS SEEN ON TV! Right, best get on with some printing now! πŸ™‚



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