Top 10 Workout Tops

top 5 workout tops

  1. I Run because I really like Prosecco

Be honest, what do you like better, running or prosecco?!

Rn Prosecco

2. ‘Operation Wedding Dress

Because the big day is fast approaching and you need to stay on track and focussed!


3. ‘You can’t Sweat with Us

No talking. Just sweating. Boom.

Sweat with us1

4. ‘I Run because I really like Beer

Because its summer and the beer garden is calling. Sweat it out on a Sunday morning instead. πŸ˜‰

Run Beer

5. ‘I Press because I Really lIke Prosecco

Girls who lift can also sip bubbles from a tall glass no probs.


6. ‘I run because I really like Cake

Its Bake-off season, need I say more…..*CAKE*CAKE*CAKE*……


7. ‘I Spin because I really like Chocolate

Spinning is torture. Chocolate is not. Spin. Eat choc.


8. ‘6AM Club

You’re a special breed if you can haul arse out of bed at this time to work out. Or even to feed the kids!


9. ‘Commit to be Fit

Don’t quit. Commit.


10. ‘Another Night at the Bar

Lifting weights or beer? You decide…. πŸ˜‰



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